Welcome to the Fern Hall Inn Golf Course

Our Fern Hall Inn Golf Course, is a scenic nine-hole course located near Crystal Lake in the middle of old growth forest. Our course offers a beautiful backdrop with excellent conditioned greens that offer a challenge for golfers of all skill levels on this PA golf course.


#1. "The Tree"
An easy dogleg left to start out.
Most golfers are intimidated by the tall lone pine tree 50 yards to the front left of the tee box. Plenty of room to the right, or be daring and save 15 yards and go to the left.

#2 “The Ace"
 125 yd. par 3 with bunkers to the left and right of the green.  Putting is tough on this sloped green. Most of FH hole in 1's have come here.

#3 “The Eagle"
Not named for the wildlife. A short downhill 400 yard Par 5. Drive it to the corner and be on in 2 for an Eagle Putt!

#4 ‘Tall Pines"
325 yards and straight.  A Narrow fairway lined with tall pines and hemlock trees to the right.  There is a deep bunker greenside to the right.

#5 “Superintendents Revenge"
310 downhill. Not so easy!  Land your drive to the left and attack the green with a PW. The green is a small crowned green with water on 3 sides.
Stay out of trouble and an easy par. Hit the water and hope you get out 7 or better!

#6 "The Little Giant"
A Signature hole at FH. The short 95 yard par 3 is always a picture spot. As you hit over the pond you aim for the elevated green which has a bunker to the left and also right in front.  This is the most difficult green at FH.   Try to land on the back left for the best hold.

#7 "The Field"
335 from the white tees. Pretty straight forward.  The blue plays 391 with the first 120 yards playing over the field.  Aim to the left as the fairway slopes right.     A tough par 4 from the blues

#8 "Either Way"
295 yards with a fairway that splits 70 yards from the green. You can go either way. Left or right with your drive. Just don't go in the middle because you will have to hit over 4 spruce and pine trees.  This should be an easy par hole.

#9 "Why Not a 5"
388 yards with a sharp dogleg right and uphill.  People often ask why this is not a Par 5.    Aim and land on the right.  Land left and you just added 50 yards to this hole!  The green is the largest at FH. 2 bunkers protect the front side.   Good chance for a Par to end your round.


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